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Why do we have juries in Defamation Act trials

Defamation is the causing of damage to a person’s reputation or standing either verbally or by a written statement.  The Defamation Act 1996 was introduced to protect the reputation and good standing of an individual. The Defamation Act 1996 itself does not […]

Tourettes Syndrome Defamation Act

Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (Tourette Syndrome or “TS”) is a neurological disorder which becomes evident in early childhood or adolescence before the age of 18 years.  TS is defined by multiple motor and vocal tics. These verbal tics include […]

Benefits of the Defamation Act

The aim of the tort defamation (and the Defamation Act 1996) is to protect reputation.  Reputation is the main feature of a person/business. Many have spent time and money in establishing this reputation. As a consequence, they/it are well known […]

Parliamentary privilege under the Defamation Act

Parliamentary privilege is the protection provided to Members of Parliament against the action for defamation under the Defamation Act 1996. This defence is not contained in the Defamation Act 1996, but rather is enshrined in common law. There is a […]

Replacement of defamation act

There have been a number of calls to reform the Defamation Act 1996. One such example of this is Lord Lester’s private members bill. In its current form, the Defamation Act 1996 does not require any damage to be shown […]

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