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How To Set Up A Franchise In The UK

How To Set Up A Franchise In The UK

Think of some of the most successful organisations: ‘Subway’, ‘Driver Hire’, ‘Barking Mad’, ‘Greensleeves’. What do they all have in common? That’s right – they are all franchises! And once upon a time, they were all start-ups, fighting to compete […]

Getting Your Franchise Agreement Right

In late 2017, restaurant giant McDonald’s cancelled the franchising of 169 restaurants in north and east India. The reason given was that the franchisee, Connaught Plaza Restaurants Ltd (CPRL), had defaulted on its royalty payments and breached other obligations under […]

Top Three Tips for Registering a Trade Mark

Did you know that Olympic champion and all-round legend Mo Farah’s ‘Mobot’ symbol is trade marked, as is Usain Bolt’s signature lightning bolt pose? It may surprise you that these are not simply famous concepts – each has also been […]

Five Top Tips For Buying A Children’s Day Nursery

If you are interested in the development of children and have a passion for running your own business, then buying a children’s day nursery might be your answer to the ever-elusive question of “what should I do with my life?” […]

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