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Why you should choose us as your London solicitor

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Not only do we have an outstanding professional reputation throughout the sector, we are also a results driven team who work personally with our clients, getting to know and understand them. We become personally involved in each case, further firing that desire and determination to get the results that you deserve.

We not only work for you, we work with you. We listen to your story and gain insights that can otherwise be glossed over in other situations. We make full use of all of the information that we can glean from your story and use it to your benefit. We trust that you are the most knowledgeable person regarding your situation and we combine this knowledge with our skills to create a winning team. Not only can we guarantee you maximum compensation, we also offer a ‘no win no fee’ promise that only proves our determination for results.

We welcome you to come and speak to us in a free consultation that can give you the answers to many burning questions that you may have surrounding your personal injury claim, or what rights you have regarding an accident or injury that you have sustained.

By choosing us as your London solicitor to handle your injury claim, you can benefit from our membership in the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, our Lexcel accreditation, our commitment to providing you with the best possible result that is available to you, our out-of-office hours and our focus on a quality, bespoke, one-on-one service that is tailored specifically to your needs.

What can we help you with?

There are a range of different accidents and injuries that we, as your London solicitor, can help you claim compensation for. You would be surprised at what you are entitled to from a legal perspective and we encourage you to contact us if you believe your accident or injury includes any of the following situations.

If you have had an accident in a public place, we would be interested in hearing your story. Should you have had action taken against you by the police and it has resulted in an injury, depending on the situation, you may be able to claim compensation. There are several kinds of criminal injury compensation claims that we can assist our clients with, for further information, please contact us.

Fatal accidents are immensely distressing to those people who have been left behind. An accident takes a person suddenly, and we often feel, before their time. In order to ease the financial hardship on the family members, there is a possibility that family members are able to claim some form of support here.

We put a lot of faith in our medical system and we thank them for tirelessly being there for us in our time of need. We appreciate it is a very intense and stressful job working in the emergency department, however cases of negligence either in the A&E department or from a local GP can be awarded to those people who have suffered further injury or illness through human error.

Other claims that we can assist our clients with include road traffic claims, severe injury claims, slipping and tripping claims, industrial disease, product liability workplace accident claims and holiday claims. As you can see, there is a whole host of different ways in which people who have suffered from an accident can claim compensation for the distress and disruption it has caused to their lives.

We are all entitled to a quality of life that should not be lessened due to the fault of another. We promise to deliver sincere and thorough injury legal advice that gets you the results that you deserve.

Your London solicitor has experience through many years of working in this sector and as such, has the confidence and expertise needed to handle even the most complex settlements. We are interested in hearing your side of the story and are able to deal with your claim, whether it be the most basic and straightforward of cases that we can resolve quickly, or a complicated one that provides periodic payments, such as with brain injuries or other severe disabilities.

What needs to happen to get results

We cannot stress to you enough the importance of acting quickly once an accident happens. There is always a very short amount of time within which a person has to decide whether they want to take legal action concerning what has happened to them or not. They need to gather the right evidence and have enough information available to them in order to prove a claim is worthy. We are able to guide our clients through these steps, but action needs to be taken immediately rather than considered later down the track.

No injury is too small to be overlooked. A lot of people come to us many months, or even years, after an injury has occured asking if there is anything that can be done now that they realise the impact of a seemingly small injury has had on their life. It is important to understand what effect any injury can have on you or your family should matters worsen or become complicated.

By consulting us with your case or asking for advice, we are happy to guide you through the system and let you know whether you have a case or not. We provide our clients with a bespoke one-on-one service that will always have an experienced and qualified solicitor involved with your file.

By taking advantage of the skills and experience gained over the years, we are able to advise you quickly and concisely on what your rights are and what your chances are for success. We always work with you to challenge the third party that you are claiming against, to ensure that you gain the maximum result from your claim. You deserve the best compensation for the injury that you have had to endure.

Our one-on-one, bespoke service is tailor made to suit your needs. This means that we are available to contact you at a time that suits you. If you cannot come in to the office to visit us due to your health, then we can also arrange for someone to come and visit you. We will do our utmost to ensure your voice is heard and respected.

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