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Equity Release

Equity release is fast becoming an important part of retirement planning. Equity release allows you to free up some of the capital that is tied up in your home. You may wish to use the money to travel or make home improvements, help your children or simply to enjoy your retirement. Whatever you chose to do, let Saracens advise you on your equity release.

There are two types of equity release schemes available and we are able to assist you with either one you decide to take up:-

(a) A Lifetime Mortgage – This is a loan that is secured against your home, where the original loan amount and interest are repaid by the sale of your property when you pass away or if you need to move into long-term care. With a lifetime mortgage you can take the total sum borrowed as one lump sum or take the money as and when you need it, this is known as a “drawdown”.

(b) A home reversion plan – Instead of a loan secured on your home, with this type of plan you actually sell part, or all, of your home to the home reversion provider. In return they pay out a lump sum/income at the start of the plan and allow you to continue to live in the property with either minimal or no rent payable.

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Mr Imtiaz Ahmed

Having been recommended by a friend, I sought assistance from Saracens in buying my freehold property. I can definitely say that from the start of the matter right to the end Continue Reading

March 8, 2016

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