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Family Visitor

If you are thinking of bringing a close family member or relative over for a visit to the UK, it is important to ensure that all procedures and requirements have been satisfied. There are very strict requirements set out by the Home Office in respect of being able to provide your family member with suitable accommodation and also ensuring that he or she does not use public funds/resources.

There are also stringent rules on the length of period a visitor may stay and the restrictions placed upon him or her in terms of activities he/she may carry out in the UK..

Therefore, if you are confused or unsure as to whether you satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Rules, feel free to contact our immigration team who will be happy to assist.

Mr Ambaz Al Lodhi

When I first asked help from Saracens in relation to my immigration matter, I did not have that much hope as I had asked two solicitors before for help. Both could not help me enough and I thought I would have to leave the UK Continue Reading

March 8, 2016

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