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Financial Issues

It can be a daunting exercise when considering all your financial assets. However we can assist you through the process.

There are a number of provisions that you can consider applying for:

Maintenance Order: is an order that requires the financially stronger spouse to make monthly payments to the financially weaker spouse and in some instances for the children.

Lump sum order: is when one spouse is ordered to pay to the other spouse a specific sum.

Property adjustment order: is where property is transferred to one spouse from the other.

Pension orders: is where a pension is either split in two (not necessarily in equal shares) for the benefit of the other spouse or where one persons pension is directed to be paid to the other.

Initially we will always try and reach a financial settlement on your behalf with the other side outside of court, as this is the most cost effective and fastest resolution. We would begin by ensuring full financial disclosure with the other side and requesting the same. Once a settlement is achieved between the parties then a consent order is drafted according to the terms of the agreement. The draft consent order is then submitted to the court to be finalised. By having the settlement finalised at court it ensures that both parties are bound to the terms and do not break them at a later date.

Of course it is not always possible to reach an agreement and at times matters end up at Court. In such circumstances we will act in your best interest.

We work closely with a number of accountants who are experts in this field. Our experience and skills are among the finest in the UK.

Call one of our solicitors to discuss your issues without delay.


Even though I live outside of London I was happy I chose Saracens to help me with my divorce matter. It was important that I had solicitors whom I could trust and would deal with my case properly and get me the desired outcome Continue Reading

March 8, 2016

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