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Non-molestation order

A non-molestation order may be sought to protect an individual and/or the children from being physically abused by the offending spouse or partner.

People that may apply for this order are:

• Those married to each other or were married to each other;

• Cohabitants or former cohabitants;

• Relatives;

• People who have agreed to marry each other at a future date; and

• In relation to a child, i.e. they are both parents of a child

A power of arrest can be included in the order; this means that if the respondent breaches the terms of the order, he/she will be arrested.

We can attend Court on your behalf without informing the respondent (against whom you want the injunction), on short notice if required. The order will take immediate effect copies will be served upon the respondent and at the local police station.

This is often a very serious/sensitive area of the law and only those fully versed in this area may be relied upon to achieve a positive outcome. Call us now and speak in confidence with one of our advisors.


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March 8, 2016

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