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Estate planning, Wills and Probate

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Over the years we have assisted a number of clients manage their family affairs and advised them on all aspects of wills, trusts and related matters.

A will enables you to decide and direct what will happen to your money, property and possessions upon your death.

Without a will, the law will decide who should take control of your affairs and how your assets will be distributed. It is therefore important that you make your wishes expressly known through your will.

Saracens can also take into account any particular religious beliefs.

If a family member or loved one has passed away without making a will, we can assist your application to the Probate Registry to obtain control of that individual’s estate which will then allow you to decide on how any assets will be distributed. Saracens can assist in obtaining a letter of administration and grant of probate to ensure assets are distributed in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Our team is here to provide compassionate support with the legal and practical issues that follow bereavement. Should you require assistance in this regard then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mr A Ahmed

I was in safe hands throughout and often felt as though I was the only client they had! Excellent work, thank you. Continue Reading

March 8, 2016

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Asset protection

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Asset protection planning usually involves practical considerations as to how to legally safeguard your assets from your creditors. Our specialised team are able to advise you on different options about how to protect your assets including the use of off shore structures and the setting up of varying trusts. Contact one of our experts to discuss how you can protect your assets.

Power of attorney

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A Power of attorney allows an individual to make decisions and carry out actions on another person’s behalf. The attorney appointed may have free rein over your affairs or the power may be limited. Our experienced team are able to tailor these documents to your specific needs and advise you on any limitations necessary for your own protection. Contact us and for expert advice or if you want us to draft a power of attorney for you.

Probate and estate administration

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At Saracens, we help families deal with the legal and practical issues that follow the loss of a loved one. We are able to assist with the administration of a person’s estate. We will assist executors to obtain probate or acquire letters of administration to allow them to deal with and distribute the estate of the deceased. We also advise if inheritance tax is payable. Contact us now to discuss.

Tax planning

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Given the increasing tax burden it is important to ensure your tax liabilities are as (legitimately) low as possible. On the planning side, Saracens are experienced in working alongside specialist external tax advisors. Together we can implement the appropriate tax […]


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Drafting a Will allows you to exercise some control over your estate and ensure that your loved ones get what you wish to leave them after you pass on. It is equally important to ensure your tax liabilities are as low as legitimately possible. Together with specialist external tax advisors we draft your Will in accordance with appropriately planned tax efficient arrangements. Contact one of our experts for practical advice.

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