Information we will need as your divorce solicitor

July 25 , 2017
July 25 , 2017

Information we will need as your divorce solicitor

When you first visit Saracens Solicitors to consult with us about your divorce, we require detailed information from you. This is so that we can act on your behalf in all matters and accurately gauge the nuances of your case. This will also help us to estimate the fees that will be involved.

Saracens Solicitors is a divorce solicitor in London who specialise in family law. We are dedicated to seeking a fair and equitable agreement for you in as short a time as possible.


When you ask us to be your divorce solicitor in London, we list the items we need from you. This includes identity information for you and your spouse as well as the names and dates of birth of the children in your household, counting any from previous marriages.

We also need a copy of your marriage certificate. If this is missing, we can offer advice on how to obtain a new one.


Divorce includes separation of finances. We need to know about your assets, bank accounts, any debts that you have and pensions. If you own a house together then we require an estimated value and details of your mortgage, where applicable.

We need to know about any employment both of you have. This information may be required during negotiations, as well as details about your outgoings.


Certain circumstances prior to and after your separation may be important. If you have already separated, let us know the date and circumstances. This can be a brief outline and does not need to go into much personal detail. If you exchanged correspondence during this time, this might be helpful so bring this along with you.

Your divorce solicitor in London may also ask for other personal information such as whether you are in a new relationship, whether you have friends and family close by and any other special circumstances you have such as caring for elderly relatives or medical conditions. Rest assured that, at Saracens Solicitors, we hold this information in confidence and will let you know if we intend to use anything that you consider to be sensitive at any point. The more rounded a view we have of your situation, the more we can help.


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