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E–Commerce Disputes

E-commerce transactions function on trust among sellers and buyers who are unlikely to ever see or speak to each other.

Inevitably, some of these transactions are bound to turn into disputes, but it is not always effective to take the matter to court. For example, if you are buying a product from a seller in the United States and you disagree over a sale transaction worth only a few hundred pounds, it is not worthwhile spending more than the sale price on trying to obtain redress. Having reliable products, clear return/refund policies and a multi-language web site may not be enough.

Using an independent, neutral and inexpensive dispute resolution process is usually the best approach to such disputes. The purpose of mediation is not to determine which party is right or wrong, but to help both sellers and buyers reach a settlement which both can accept.

We can assist with the entire mediation process to ensure it meets all the parties’ requirements. Our team offers efficient and timely advice in e-commerce disputes to ensure an appropriate solution is obtained.

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