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Contractual Disputes

Contractual disputes can arise before, during or after a contract has been entered into. It is therefore important to ensure contracts are drafted comprehensively. Examples of such disputes include the provision of faulty goods and services, the pursuit of unpaid debts and recovering damages arising from breaches of business contracts.

Once a dispute surfaces, we always encourage our clients to resolve matters quickly without resorting to litigation to preserve the contractual and business relationships. If this is not possible, we will take effective and where necessary immediate action to protect your position.

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Consumer Disputes

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If you have bought goods or received a service that you are unhappy with, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Our consumer team will take you through the complaints process, engage in mediation for you and if the there is no resolution, take the matter to court. Contact us now to discuss your options.

Contractual Obligations

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Contracts can be written, spoken or implied agreements. By entering into a contract, each party to it is obligated to fulfil their part of the agreement. If contracts are broken or breached, whether they are contracts of sale or purchase, promissory notes or leases, damages may be payable. Our litigation team will explain your contractual obligations to you and if your rights have been affected in any way, they will advise you how best to seek redress and recompense. Contact us to discuss how we will assist.

Debt Recovery

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Getting money that is owed to you can be difficult. People who owe money will not always respond to your requests. We can obtain money judgments or issue statutory demands and instigate bankruptcy proceedings. Our litigation team will utilise several different methods to demand payment before issuing proceedings (many times this will be done online to speed up the process) and applying for summary judgment. They also specialise in drafting statutory demands and applying for bankruptcy. We utilise different methods of enforcement including the use of bailiffs. Call our specialist team now to discuss your options.

Director and Shareholder Disputes

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Saracens have extensive experience in resolving director and shareholder disputes. These disputes usually reflect a breakdown in a business relationship and often occur over issues in relation to decision making, corporate responsibility and financial matters. We are able to offer advice in all matters of shareholder and director disputes, including arranging negotiations or court proceedings. If you are having difficulties with a business partner, contact our litigation team for expert advice.

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

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here are many ways to resolve a dispute. Our specialized team is able to advise you on the most effective way to resolve a dispute as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our methods include negotiating on your behalf, mediating or arbitrating if appropriate or issuing a claim at court (litigating) in order to find the right solution for you. We have experienced litigation lawyers who will guide you through the entire litigation process from start to finish. For bespoke advice on how to resolve a dispute, contact our litigation team.

E–Commerce Disputes

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E-commerce disputes are difficult to resolve without proper advice. This is because by their very nature, sellers and buyers engaged in ecommerce generally do not meet and often are located in different countries and jurisdictions. Our team will explain the entire process to you and explain whether to adopt an arbitrative or more aggressive approach to try and achieve a resolution without the need for expensive proceedings.

Partnership Disputes

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Business partners will sometimes fall into dispute. Such disputes are often resolved by examining the terms of the agreement between the partners or by reference to the Partnership Act and relevant case-law. Our dispute resolution team will listen to the causes of the dispute and take practical steps to resolve the issue while trying to preserve the reputation of all parties involved and the commercial viability of the business itself. Contact our dispute resolution team for expert advice now.

Public Law and Judicial Review

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Public law is that area of law that governs the actions of government departments and public bodies. If a public body acts without authorisation from legislation, it is in breach of the law. Our litigation specialists will assist if you feel a breach has occurred by applying for judicial review of the body’s decision if necessary. Contact the team for expert advice now.

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