Don’t be one of the 400,000, use an immigration solicitor in London

March 26 , 2019
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  • Don’t be one of the 400,000, use an immigration solicitor in London
March 26 , 2019

Don’t be one of the 400,000, use an immigration solicitor in London

The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world, and despite the uncertainty created by Brexit this is still very much a country that people want to come and live in, whether for a time or on a permanent basis.

In fact, every year, upwards of 3 million people apply for a UK visa of some kind. Not everyone gets one though. Each year, at least 400,000 applicants will be unsuccessful.

Those that make it through to getting the visa stamp in their passport often do with the expert help of an immigration solicitor in London.

This may sound like an unnecessary expense, on top of all the other expenses that pile up when relocating to another country, but here at Saracens Solicitors, a highly regarded immigration solicitor in London, we beg to differ. Let us tell you why:

Immigration law, no one would ever call it simple

Immigration law is complex, to say the least. It is often affected by the laws and regulations in other countries. More than some other areas of law, is very much open to interpretation. It can be hard to see what strands of the law are best applied to you, but the expert guidance of an immigration solicitor in London, can help you pick out and highlight the parts that best suit your case. We use our expert knowledge to help you understand the law to better put together your visa application.

Immigration law is never static

In the UK, there are twice yearly major updates to our immigration law, but there are smaller ones in between too, often in response to changes in immigration law in other countries or changes in circumstances in the UK. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes and, on your own, you can easily find yourself using outdated guidance to put together your application, and that can cause it to fail. At Saracens Solicitors, our business is to know all about the latest changes and to interpret them for your case.

If your case fails, you do not get your fees refunded, and you will have to pay again to put in another application. Don’t let this happen to you, use us.


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