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What steps do people need to go through to get to completion?

Mortgage Solicitor in London

The time it takes to buy a house can vary considerably based on factors like how long it takes to find a suitable home, what the seller’s position is and what kind of paperwork is required. People have completed house sales in as little as six weeks but it is best to plan for longer. If you are in a hurry for any reason, let Saracens Solicitors know when you engage us as your mortgage solicitor in London and we will do our best to move the process along.

If you want a really quick house purchase, you might consider buying a house at auction. This process comes with its own pros and cons. If you think it is something you might like to consider, do some research online regarding what is involved and talk to Saracens Solicitors about how we can help when acting as your mortgage solicitor in London.

Find a house

This stage is all up to you. You can spend months finding the perfect property or you may know what you want and where to find it straight away. Typically, people spend 30–45 days shopping for a house. Most people do this online and through estate agents.

Make an offer

You make an offer through your estate agent. They are obliged to pass on any offer you make to the seller. Think carefully about your first offer as it is often advisable to leave room for negotiation. If they accept, you can begin the next stage straight away.

Contact a solicitor and surveyor

This is where you would contact us at Saracens Solicitors and we would begin the conveyancing process on your behalf. This involves the payment of some initial fees. The balance is paid at completion. You would also engage a surveyor at this stage. The results of the survey can affect your offer and mortgage so you need to wait for the results before finalising these.

Exchange contracts

Once the contracts are exchanged, you are committed to buying the property. Completion then takes place, usually within a few weeks. This is where remaining monies are exchanged by your mortgage solicitor in London, Saracens Solicitors, and the keys are handed over.

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