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Seeking advice from mortgage solicitors in London

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Most of us when it comes to buying or selling a home are entering into the biggest transaction that we will make in our lives. The amount of money and risk that we are dealing with during these times can be cause for a lot of stress and confusion.

Mortgage solicitors in London have many years of experience in working with property transactions both locally and in the wider community. We can make sure that the transaction is completed smoothly and quickly so that you can progress with your move and on to your future plans.

With thousands of instances in providing advice, counsel, guidance and care in all mortgage and conveyancing matters, we have worked with many high-net clients from all over the world as well as local Londoners investing in their first home.

Our in-depth and personal understanding of the London property market gives us the edge that people seek when interested in buying a home. We have established many positive working relationships with real estate agencies ensuring that the application is smooth and seamless, securing the property that you and your advisors desire.

We believe in building trust through understanding. This means that we go to great lengths to avoid taking on a great number of cheap conveyancing transactions simply to bolster our numbers to rate higher statistically. We would rather handle each one of our files with great care and take the time to ensure that one dedicated legal advisor is here for you throughout the entire process.

Our mortgage solicitors in London are here to provide you with a bespoke service that is tailor-made to suit your individual desires and needs when buying a property. We offer this at a competitive and affordable price, designed to be available for both high-net-worth foreign investors to those looking to buy their first home in a smooth, safe and precise manner.

How long does it take to buy or sell a home?

On average, you can expect the conveyancing process to take between 6 to 10 weeks. There are instances in older homes or when there are some complexities that the time between due diligence and exchange can be a little longer than this.

We completely understand the desire for urgency in our clients once the process has begun as you are eager to get everything finalised and completed and to begin the next chapter of your lives.

If there are any delays in the matter of conveyancing, then rest assured that we work quickly and efficiently to move through them and to get the process back on track. We endeavour to inform our clients on the reasons as to why there has been a delay, to give them a more accurate timescale and to keep them updated during every stage of the process.

This allows you to feel in control of the situation and that you are welcome to reach out and contact us should you have any concerns or questions regarding the process or the stage we are at with your property.

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