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Paperwork you need during a house purchase

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Once you engage Saracens Solicitors as your mortgage solicitor in London, we will take you through the house purchase process. A lot of this involves a steady exchange of paperwork between you, us and the buyers and their mortgage solicitor in London, with the input of a few other professionals along the way.

Surveyor’s report

You don’t get the surveyor’s report from Saracens Solicitors, but we can put you in touch with surveyors that we work with if you would like a recommendation. Getting a survey is one of the first things that you do during a house purchase.

There are different levels of surveyor’s report that you can choose. Picking the right one largely depends on the type of house you are buying.

Once you have the report, we can advise on how to proceed in the event of any surprises. Anything serious might mean a renegotiation of the purchase offer.

Property questionnaire

This is initially work for the seller to do. You may have to complete this for your property if you are selling it in order to buy your new home. Once they have completed this and returned it to us, we will send you a copy so that you can ask any questions.

We will also advise if there are any details that seem unclear once we have read it through. Some are standard, like establishing rights of way and responsibilities whereas others might be specific to an old or unusual property. Either way, your mortgage solicitor in London at Saracens Solicitors will use their expertise to ensure that your paperwork is comprehensive for your new property.

Property maintenance

There are some ad hoc documents that you might need depending on the utilities in your new home. These include energy performance certificates, boiler maintenance records and so on. You also need any guarantees for work that has been completed on the property.

Planning documents

If any extensive alterations have been made to the property, you need the planning documentation that accompanied the work. If you do not have it and there are ever any questions over the work and permissions, you may end up being financially liable for removing unauthorised alterations.

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