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What does a mortgage solicitor in London do?

Mortgage Solicitor in London

For house buyers

Anyone who has ever bought a house will be able to testify to the fact that it really is one of the most stressful things you can do, not surprising considering that a house is nearly always going to be the most expensive thing you will buy, and, unless you make a habit of it, you will never become particularly familiar with the process. Engaging the services of a good mortgage solicitor in London can make all the difference to the legal side of the house-buying process, giving you more time and space to think about fun stuff like carpets and furnishings rather than drainage checks.

When you choose Saracens Solicitors as your mortgage solicitor in London we can deal with the basic legal steps involved in your property purchase, such as surveying and the transfer of funds and deeds, while keeping you informed at every stage of the process.

And later in life, you may want to remortgage your home. With the right legal assistance, this can be a fairly simple process during which you surrender your current mortgage and transfer to your new financial arrangement. Part of remortgaging involves altering the entry at the land registry. The whole process can be effortless when you use Saracens Solicitors.

Or maybe you are a council tenant who wants to get onto the property ladder. If you are, then you might well want to use the Right to Buy scheme to purchase the flat or house you live in at a fraction of the market value. This kind of purchase is the same as a normal house purchase in that it involves offers and acceptances, and we can help you with that.

For landlords and tenants

Saracens Solicitors are also highly experienced in tenancy agreements, including payment terms such as amount of rent, payment date, and method of payment.

We can also help with the inventory, the document that relates to the condition of the property and any contents, if it is fully- or part-furnished. This details the state of each room when the tenant takes over and the expected condition of return when the tenancy finishes. We ensure that the inventory is accurate and fair.

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