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Getting a survey when you buy your home

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Once the sale process is underway, an important step is considering whether you want to get a survey. A survey tells you important information about the property you want, which you may not have noticed or been able to assess yourself.

Depending on the survey you get, the cost can range from £250 to over £600 but can save you thousands in the future. The results can also be used to negotiate the asking price of the property even after an offer is accepted.

When you instruct Saracens Solicitors as your mortgage solicitor in London, we can recommend surveyors that we work with or you can find one yourself through the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Types of survey

A survey is optional and, if you do decide to have one, the level of detail you want your surveyor to report is up to you. When you work with us as your mortgage solicitor in London, we can advise you on the types of available survey and make recommendations based on the age, size, location and history of your property.

The most basic level of survey is a RICS Home Condition Report that will highlight any urgent defects and confirm the condition of the property. It does not contain any advice or valuation. This is most suitable for new builds and conventional properties.

New builds have their own category of survey, which typically checks for snagging issues. This can be used to get developers to fix issues before you move in.

A RICS Home Buyer Report will give you more depth and detail on any potential issues with subsidence or damp. It only looks at the visible surfaces though and will not tell you what is under the floors or behind the walls.

The highest level of survey is the RICS Building Survey which is a Full Structural Report. This will contain expert advice from the surveyor on the potential for issues.

What we can do with your survey

When you choose us as your mortgage solicitor in London, we will review your survey and offer advice on potential points of negotiation. We can also engage with the seller’s solicitor to suggest new terms, ask for work to be carried out before sale or have any required repair costs reflected in the sale price.

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