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Are you getting everything you can out of your mortgage solicitor in London?

Mortgage Solicitor in London

The breadth of services offered by Saracen Solicitors is extensive. Our team hopes to support you through the various legal occurrences that permeate life.

One of the most common legal proceedings that people enter into relates to property. Saracens Solicitors offer services as a mortgage solicitor in London. Even in this one category, there are many different aspects that we can help you with.


There are some basic legal steps involved in even the most straightforward of property purchases. These include surveying and the transfer of funds and deeds. When you engage Saracens Solicitors as your mortgage solicitor in London, we help to make the process smooth and relaxed. We keep you informed at every stage of the process.


Re-mortgaging can be a fairly simple process with the right legal assistance. You need to surrender your current mortgage and transfer to your new financial arrangement. This will alter the entry at the land registry. Saracens Solicitors provide an efficient, experienced service that makes the whole exchange effortless.

Right to buy

The Right to Buy scheme gives the tenants of council dwellings the chance to get on the property ladder. They have the opportunity to purchase the flat or house that they live in at a fraction of the market value. This kind of purchase involves offers and acceptance as with normal purchases. Saracens Solicitors have experience dealing with this type of purchase and can advise you accordingly.

Tenancy agreements

Tenancy agreements are long-term but temporary arrangements regarding property between tenants and landlords. They lay out many of the details that help to make the arrangement work smoothly. This might include payment terms such as amount of rent, payment date, and method of payment.

There is often a separate document related to the condition of the property known as the inventory. This details the state of each room when the tenant takes over and the expected condition of return when the tenancy finishes. Ensuring that this document is accurate and fair can save either party a considerable amount of money in the event of an issue.

At Saracens Solicitors, we are happy to check that everything is in order for you when you are starting a tenancy or draw up agreements if you are the landlord.

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