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Finding the perfect home can be hard work but it’s worth it when you finally move in. After you have had an offer accepted, you can get in touch with a mortgage solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, to help you complete the process. But how do you get to that crucial point?

Don’t compromise

As a mortgage solicitor in London, we have seen people who have spent years looking for just the right place. If your search is taking longer than you wanted, don’t be tempted to compromise. Know what you want in terms of facilities, location and budget.

Be flexible

Like all things in life, buying a house is about finding the right balance. Even though we have advised about standing firm when it comes to your needs above, we also know that a bit of flexibility can bag you a bargain. If a property ticks some of your boxes, how easily can features that don’t quite hit the mark be fixed? Is it a simple matter of redecoration or renovation?

Be ready to bargain

If you see somewhere that is outside of your price range, put in an offer that’s within your reach. Even if it is rejected, you haven’t lost anything. If the seller has had their property on the market for a while, they may be willing to shift substantially. If not, they may think of you when their property has been on the market for another few months.

Try a house auction

If time is of the essence because you have been looking for so long, consider bidding on a property that is up for auction. You avoid any issues with chains, and you’ll own your property within 30 days. You will need to have a deposit ready and you have to be able to fully commit to the sale.

Ready when you are

Regardless of how long it takes for you to find the property of your dreams, the team at Saracens Solicitors, are always on hand to start the conveyancing process when you do. You can see our fees and read more about the process of engaging a mortgage solicitor in London on our website.

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