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Different property types and how they change the conveyancing process

Mortgage Solicitor in London

At Saracens Solicitors, we have many years of experience helping our clients to purchase the property of their dreams. When it comes to visions of home, we have found that there are as many different versions as there are types of people. This means we are prepared to help you regardless of the type of property you have your heart set on when we act as your mortgage solicitor in London.

The conveyancing process has some steps that remain the same regardless of the type of property. These might include putting in an offer, exchanging paperwork and completion. However, there are some important differences that we can advise you on when we are working as your mortgage solicitor in London.

New build

New build properties are increasingly popular. They are often part of help-to-buy schemes and they are energy efficient and typically close to amenities and schools. Properties of this type are sometimes bought ‘off-plan’ which means before they are built. This sometimes means that you can make your own customisations to the plan during the building process.

There are types of survey that are specific to new-build properties which pick up any final issues with the house. You also need to have paperwork relating to the builder’s guarantees so that you know who is accountable if there are any issues with the property in the first 10 years or so.

Old properties

Old properties have bags of charm and character, but this often comes with extra responsibilities in terms of care and restrictions to what you can do to the house. It is important that you are fully aware of these before you buy. Buying a church property, for example, often comes with a clause that requires you to allow people access to any graveyard and you are responsible for the general upkeep of the area. A property’s quirks are part of its charm as long as you are well prepared, and this is part of our job as your mortgage solicitor in London.

If you are unsure of the potential steps for buying your property, you can get in touch with Saracens Solicitors before going ahead and we can give you some guidance on what to expect.

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