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Challenges of buying an old, unusual or listed property

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Whatever property you intend to buy, Saracens Solicitors will be pleased to act as your mortgage solicitor in London. We have clients from all over the country and offer them all the same high-end, quality service. Our experience is wide-ranging and we can help if you are thinking of buying an old, unusual or listed property. Realising the dream of living somewhere unique can be stressful but with the right advice and protections in place, you can relax and enjoy your new home.


For older properties, the most thorough survey is always recommended. This is called the Building Survey and will include a full report on the building’s condition and structure, as well as the surveyor’s advice in respect of any pressing issues.

Saracens Solicitors have a great relationship and work closely with a number of surveying firms on a regular basis. We can make a recommendation or work with the firm of your choice when we are acting as your mortgage solicitor in London. The results of the survey can sometimes result in further discussions, information gathering or negotiations with the seller’s solicitor and we are happy to engage in this on your behalf.

Thatched cottages

It is not overly difficult to get a mortgage on a property that is thatched unless there is something else that is unusual about the property however, the mortgage company may insist on a thorough survey.

For your own peace of mind, you may wish to get an electrical survey done to ensure the fire risk at the property is low. It is also worth researching house insurance prices to make sure that the higher premiums you are likely to pay on a thatched property are not prohibitive. If you do your investigations, discover issues, and find that you would still like to buy the property, you may be able to negotiate with the current owners to get work done prior to the sale or have the asking price lowered. When we are acting as your mortgage solicitor in London, Saracens Solicitors can help you with negotiations.

Making alterations

Renovating or restoring a listed property can be complicated when it comes to permissions and planning. Ensure that you know the restrictions and conditions governing the alteration of your dream home before you purchase it.

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