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Whether you are a first-time buyer or well on your way up the property ladder, getting a new home is always a big step. Engaging the services of a mortgage solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, is a great way to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish. We understand the highs and lows of property sale from the client point of view and we do everything we can to ensure the former outweigh the latter.


So, when do you first need a mortgage solicitor in London like Saracens Solicitors? We can advise you on any legal matters that might arise at any stage of the proceedings. However, our role really begins when you have made an offer that has been accepted by the seller. You then instruct us to begin the whole sale process on your behalf. There are very few reasons thereafter that we would not be able to work with you i.e. is if we are already working on behalf of the seller as this is seen as a conflict of interests.

Receive and review

When we receive the contract package from the seller’s solicitor, we will review it for you. This includes conducting searches, raising queries and requesting further documents. Saracens Solicitors will request a portion of our fee upfront to cover the cost of such work. The bulk of our fees are usually paid on completion i.e. at the end. We can provide you with the details about costs when you instruct us as your mortgage solicitor in London.

Exchange of information and contracts

There will most likely be an exchange of information between ourselves and the seller’s solicitor. The seller will provide detailed information about the property and this usually requires us to request clarification or further information. Once we have all we need, we can send our report alongside the contract and paperwork to you for your review and signature. At this point, we would also request the deposit from you and ask that you make arrangements for the balance of the mortgage funds to be transferred to us at the appropriate time.


Completion is when the funds and the keys are exchanged. The property then belongs to you. Saracens Solicitors will then attend to the completion formalities such as registration at her majesty’s land registry, forwarding the deeds to your mortgage provider, and providing you with a final breakdown of our work and costs.

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