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Buying a house in the UK

Mortgage Solicitor in London

If you are looking to settle down after many years of living on rent, investing in a house is a great idea. Depending on the area you want to live in, selling costs can vary considerably. Buying a house will probably be your single biggest investment, therefore being adequately informed and prepared is important. Saracens Solicitors mortgage solicitor in London can help you out.

Is buying a house a good investment?

As expected the UK property market is quite diverse and it essential to do some research before you set out to buy a house. In recent years, mortgage lenders are more cautious in bigger cities like London due to the housing crisis and as a result, people tend to buy their first houses much later in life than before. Various financial experts predict that Brexit will not affect the UK property market considerably, therefore investing in a house is always a good idea.

If you are unsure about the specifics of the property market in the area you are interested in buying in, or simply want to research the property market thoroughly, our mortgage solicitor in London is here to help.

Should I buy or rent?

Your decision to buy or rent a house can be based on many factors, including whether you have a stable job and a family and whether you plan to stay in the country for many years. If you are planning to settle, buying a house is achievable and you can take advantage of government schemes with favourable interest rates such as Help to Buy, which is specifically designed for first-time buyers.

However, if you are not planning to stay in the UK for a long time, renting is a more profitable solution. Renting can also help you get a feel for a specific area and become more quickly aware of offers that may interest you.

Legal requirements

Buying a house in the UK is a multi-stepped process and can get quite complex if you do not know where to start. Your mortgage solicitor in London will help you handle the paperwork and carry out targeted searches in the area (or areas) you are interested in buying a house in.

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