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Buying a home as an investment

Mortgage Solicitor in London

Property remains a great long-term investment. There is an ongoing housing shortage which creates a great demand for property. There are plenty of investment options so you can adapt your input to suit your needs. When Saracens act as your mortgage solicitor in London, we have the experience to guide you through lots of different options for purchasing property as an investment.

For a loved one

If you just want to provide a place for a family member while watching your investment grow with the housing market we can help you make a simple purchase. We still recommend having an agreement in place to lay out terms for the person who is living in your house. It may seem a bit formal, but it helps to clarify things for everyone in case you or they need to make any changes.


Buy-to-let mortgages are different from normal agreements. You need to have one of these in place, in principle, when you make your offer. After this, we can help you with the buying process and ensuring that your house is legally fit to rent. When the process is complete, we can move on from being your mortgage solicitor in London straight to assisting you with tenancy agreements and insurances.


A great way to make money more quickly from property investment is through ‘flipping’. This is where you buy a home, renovate it to a higher standard and resell rapidly to reap the profit. The returns can be substantial if you choose your property wisely and make marketable changes.

One way to bag a bargain is through property auctions. This is where you bid on a home, win and pay a deposit right away to secure your investment. The house is typically yours within 30 days. You need to move fast with this process, and we can help you do that when we act as your mortgage solicitor in London.

When it comes to resale, you already have an established relationship with Saracens Solicitors to ensure that the process goes smoothly. You can then move onto your next success with help from us at every stage.

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