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If you are looking to invest in a UK business, want to set up your own or already have a business here and aren’t an EU national, you’ll need to apply for a visa.

Here at Saracens Solicitors in London’s West End, we have been working with the UK immigration authorities for 13 years. We know all the short cuts, challenges and blind spots to look out for, and the technical know-how and skill of our immigration solicitor in London means we are well-placed to get you your visa quickly and efficiently.

There are a variety of different visas on offer for entry to the UK, and we can advise you on which one will have the greatest likelihood of success for your specific situation.

Skilled workers

You may already run an existing UK-based company and be in need of specialist skills, which you cannot recruit from UK or EU nationals. If this is the case, our immigration solicitor in London can apply for visas for you to sponsor skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area, and also represent your case to the Home Office.


Your business may be booming but there’s something missing: your partner. What’s success without love? Applying for a spousal visa is a lengthy process with a tonne of paperwork and the Home Office will also likely visit you at home. We can prepare your documentation and coach you and your spouse on how to get through the home visit with flying colours.


If you are looking to set up a business in the UK, it’s a great time to do it, as the government wants to bring in outside investment to give the economy and the job market a boost. In this case, you may be eligible for an entrepreneur visa.


Investors are also encouraged to come to the UK and if you want to fund an existing UK-based company, we can apply for an investor visa for you.

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Call, email or drop into our offices today and talk to our immigration solicitor in London in person, who can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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