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Today’s immigration issues – the Windrush generation

Immigration Solicitor in London

At Saracens Solicitors, part of our job when acting as an immigration solicitor in London is to keep abreast of current developments and the important UK immigration issues. We pride ourselves on being familiar with the social and political climates our clients have to face.

It is often the job of an immigration solicitor in London to uncover larger injustices and use them to create positive outcomes for clients or set groups.

One of the biggest scandals of recent times is that of the Windrush generation. We explore this in a little more detail below in order to demonstrate that bureaucratic immigration processes are sometimes fallible but often difficult to navigate for people who have never had to deal with immigration issues before. That is why we are standing by to act as an immigration solicitor in London on behalf of those whose lives are affected by these issues.

What is the ‘Windrush generation’?

In 1948, there was a post-war labour shortage in the UK. This led the government to advertise in Caribbean countries offering cheap transport to anyone who wanted to travel to the UK to work. Many people took the opportunity to emigrate and board ships to make the journey. One of these was known as the Empire Windrush and this name eventually became a catch-all term for everyone who migrated during that time.

What is the immigration scandal?

Due to a change in immigration law, many people were detained, threatened with deportation, denied the right to work and actually deported in 2018. These people were largely long-term residents of the UK who came to this country prior to 1973. As they had the general right to work, many were not given paperwork at the time nor at any point since. This meant that even though some had been living and working in the UK for most of their lives, they suddenly became ineligible for work and healthcare when the 2018 laws came into force.

As you can imagine, this was frightening and stressful for many people on an emotional level as well as devastating on many practical fronts as well. People are still fighting for reparations for the consequences of the Windrush scandal.

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