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Some things to consider when applying for an entrepreneur visa in the UK

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Tier 1 entrepreneur visa allows individuals to enter into the UK to either create or invest in an existing business. It is a popular option with non-EEA graduates of UK universities as well as experienced entrepreneurs. Tier 1 visa has a five-year route to settlement (also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain) and allows individuals to bring dependent family members with them.

The requirements for an entrepreneur visa are wide-ranging and depend on your situation and the amount you wish to invest. Saracens Solicitors London immigration solicitor will give you the right advice and ensure that all your documents are gathered and are up-to-date before you proceed with your application.


If you are interested in applying for an entrepreneur visa in the UK through Tier 1 visa, you will be expected to have at least £200,000 of your own money invested into a business in the UK. This money can be invested alone or as part of an entrepreneur team. Third part money is accepted but they need to be held by the applicant for at least 90 days. Potential entrepreneur visa applicants can also invest £50,000 if they use registered Venture Capital firms regulated by the FCA to invest their money. This amount of money can also be invested in other outlets (i.e. government funds) and your London immigration solicitor will help you find out more about these schemes.

What about maintenance?

Naturally, if you are planning to invest in the UK through an entrepreneur visa, you will need to demonstrate that you are able to cover your maintenance costs while living in the country. Your London immigration lawyer will help you gather all the paperwork that demonstrates that you have adequate finances held for at least 90 days up to the date of your application. Different sums of money are required for those applying to enter the country and those applying for a Leave to Remain permit.

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