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Jumping through hoops before you even start

Immigration Solicitor in London

As a business owner you will be used to multi-tasking and jumping through many hoops to meet the needs of your business. When you’re looking to break into the UK market by moving into the country to start your new venture, you should know that you will need to jump through many more before you can open your doors. By engaging immigration solicitors in London, we can help you not only jump through the right hoops but could even prevent you from jumping through too many.

UK immigrations laws and the process of application for visas are notoriously rigorous and difficult. Engaging a solicitor, such as Saracens Solicitors, makes sure the time and monetary investment it takes to secure a visa are not wasted. Although it may seem like an additional expense, in the long run, it may well save you money by giving you the result you need first time around. As your Immigration solicitors in London, we can guide you through the application process. As a new business owner, you will need to prove you are invested in creating a successful business that will bring value to the UK markets. This will involve a detailed business plan that the Home Office will accept.

First your business plan

Our lawyers are highly trained in UK immigration law and they can check every detail of your application and give you guidance on what to change and what will need further development. We have worked to secure successful applications for our clients for many years, gathering understanding of what the Home office is looking for. We will pass this experience onto you as your immigration solicitors in London including getting you ready for your interview.

And now your interview

One of the final steps of your application will be the interview conducted at the home office in London. This usually takes place over the phone or via Skype. Immigration solicitors’ advice before attending your interview can really make the difference in securing a successful outcome. We will prep and guide you before the interview, alleviating any fears you may have and providing you with the understanding you will need. By working with us, as your immigration solicitors in London, we can work together to bring your new venture to the UK.

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