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The investor visa: how does it work?

Immigration Solicitor in London

As an immigration solicitor in London with 13 years in practice, at Saracens Solicitors we have advised many overseas investors on which type of visa is the right one for them.

For high net worth individuals, the best choice is often the investor visa. To be considered for this, you will need to make a substantial financial commitment: an investment of £2 million or more. The initial period granted is 3 years, with the option to extend the stay by another 2, if conditions are met.

The government also puts restrictions on how you spend the money. This means you can’t invest it in offshore trusts, property development, or leveraged investment funds.

Why choose us as your immigration solicitor in London?

We are a global law firm and our immigration solicitor in London regularly works with clients in a diverse range of territories, including: South Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe. We can visit you at your location and talk to you via video conferencing, so you don’t have to be constantly flying back and forth to the UK. We can also be in contact with your bank, with your authorisation, to help speed the visa documentation process along.

In our experience, high net worth individuals typically don’t have time to spend ironing out the finer details of a visa application, which is why they trust us to do the heavy lifting for them.

We deal with the Home Office day in, day out. We know how its processes work and are up to date with the latest changes. While filling out a visa application isn’t a hard task, supplying the right evidence can be where it stands or falls. This is where our immigration solicitor in London can provide immense value and save you the pain of having a visa application rejected, only to have to go to appeal or start the process all over again.

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