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Immigration appeals: get help from an immigration solicitor in London

Immigration Solicitor in London

Even if an applicant for a visa fills out every form correctly and fills every requirement, sometimes a visa can get denied without any indication as to a reason why. Many applicants who have their application denied may wish to appeal to have their application granted.

We understand that the whole process can be a stressful one, but here at Saracens Solicitors, we are committed to fighting your case through to the end. We are determined to help you get a fair result, with the help of an immigration solicitor in London.

Our combination of technical expertise and creative thinking can help you get your desired result. We have seen many clients through their appeals with unrivalled success rates. We will always find the most efficient and cost-effective method for our clients.

Administrative reviews

Sometimes, when an application is denied, we would like to know more about exactly why the application was denied. With administrative reviews, the home office decides whether or not points have been correctly awarded.

You can contact our immigration solicitor in London to review the refusal and advise you on the best option for your situation. Time is of the essence when considering applying for an administrative review, so getting the best advice is vital.

Judicial review

A judicial review is a way of challenging the home office’s decision to deny your application by reviewing its lawfulness. This type of review is usually for cases where there isn’t any apparent reason why the visa was denied.

As with most reviews, there is a time limit on applying for the review, so seeking professional legal advice as soon as possible will be beneficial for your case. Our immigration solicitor in London can advise you on how likely your case is to succeed in court and explore your other options.

Tribunal appeal

If your application has been denied and you’d like to appeal to the immigration tribunal, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you.

Our friendly team will work with you to strengthen your case, making your prospect of success better. We will always advise you if there are better options for appeal to get you the most favourable results.

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