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Deciding to leave your home country and start a business in a new land is a huge step. It means leaving behind the comfortable and the familiar for the new and unknown. It means starting again in a place that may have different customs, climate and speak a different language. It means establishing yourself in a business culture that you may not have experienced before.

So, while here at Saracens Solicitors we know that this can be a very exciting time for our clients who use our immigration solicitor in London to apply for entrepreneurial visas, we also recognise that it can be overwhelming too.

Our immigration solicitor in London can be your first point of contact for your new life in the UK. When it comes to helping you sort out the technical and administrative aspects of applying for a visa, we are there with you every step of the way. Our service is so much more than an off-the-shelf form that we leave you to get on with. Our immigration solicitor in London offers bespoke advice that fits your particular circumstances.

Often the reason a visa fails isn’t because the Home Office doesn’t want to grant that person a visa. It fails because they don’t supply enough or the right evidence to back up their application. If a visa is denied, it means going to appeal. This delay can last for months and pushes back your relocation ambitions. It doesn’t have to be this way. Sit down with our immigration solicitor in London and get the right information to the Home Office first time.

How we work

Our working approach is to form a partnership. We aren’t about making a quick buck, we would much rather take the time to sit down with clients, listen to what they really need and work with them to send in a successful visa application first time. Our immigration solicitor in London is here to listen, understand and deliver what you need, including helping you to prepare to bring your spouse and family here. This is a particularly tricky area of immigration law that demands a lot of evidence for the Home Office. We can guide you through.

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