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One that never remains the same for long is immigration law. At best, this area of law is complex. Who can come into the country to live and what they need to prove to do so changes all the time, in every country, in response to changing conditions within the country.

This means that immigration law is often open to interpretation both by the visa applicant and by the Home Office. The trick is to make these grey areas of immigration law work in your favour. To do that successfully, you need an immigration solicitor in London.

Going through the visa application process is always uncertain, and doing so can keep people awake at night as they worry about what the future holds. Knowing that a highly experienced immigration solicitor in London is working on their case can make for a better night’s sleep.

At Saracens Solicitors, a lot of our business is taken up with visa applications for all the various kinds of UK visas. As a central London immigration solicitor, we pride ourselves on the success of the visa applications that we put together. Our solicitors know how to get the most of the available and useful evidence from you and how to weave it together into a compelling argument for a visa, for you and family members.

What you need to bring your spouse/civil partner to the UK

Most people who come to work or live in the UK want their spouse or civil partner to join them at some point. The UK recognises that this is reasonable so it is very possible that they can come, depending on certain criteria.

For example, you must show that your spouse or civil partner is intending to live with you while you are here in the UK.

That means that you will have to provide evidence that the accommodation is adequate to house them as well as you. This includes proving that you are going to live in a flat or house that only you occupy.

As your immigration solicitor in London, Saracens Solicitors can make sure that you provide the right evidence to prove this.

Please call or email to get started on bringing over your legal partner.

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