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The entrepreneur visa: what you need to know

Immigration Solicitor in London

As your immigration solicitor in London, Saracens Solicitors can advise you on the most suitable visa for you. If you want to start your own company in the UK or invest in an existing venture, then an entrepreneur visa could be the best route for you.

As your immigration solicitor in London, in this article, we’ll take a look at the particulars of the entrepreneur visa.

Basic requirements

The first thing to note is that this isn’t like other kinds of working visas. You don’t need sponsorship, or a job offer to apply to stay in the UK as an entrepreneur. What you do need is substantial capital to invest, namely £200,000 or more in the bank.

You will also need to pass an English language test and show that you have the money to maintain yourself during your stay, separate to your investment capital.

Conditions of stay

If granted, this visa entitles you to stay for 3 years. You can ask to extend this for another 2, then apply for permanent residence. However, even if you are the owner of a small company, you can speed up this process. If you have 10 or more employees, or your turnover is £5 million or above, you can apply for a permanent visa after only 3 years. So, it’s worth really going for it when you first arrive.

Company requirements

As well as using your investment capital to set up a new business, the company must create 2 full-time jobs for UK residents.

Or, if you want to invest in an existing business, your capital must lead to the creation of at least 2 full-time jobs.

Give us a call

As an immigration solicitor in London with a long track record, we can take you through the visa application step-by-step and make sure all your documents are in order. We have 13 years of experience in dealing with the Home Office and are intimately acquainted with the complex and changing requirements of UK immigration law. Call us to find out how we can help you realise your dream of owning a UK business.

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