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Common questions about British citizenship

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If you have been living in the UK for a long period of time under an IRL residence permit, you are probably contemplating British citizenship. If you are not married to a British citizen, some standard requirements need to be met in order to be eligible for a British citizenship application. These include holding ILR for at least a year before you apply for citizenship and be physically present in the UK for the most of your IRL residence period.

In recent years, the difficulty level of obtaining British citizenship has increased significantly. Saracens Solicitors immigration solicitor in London is committed to assisting our clients with their applications and helping them thoroughly through every step of the process. If you think that you are eligible to apply for a British citizenship, our immigration solicitor in London will help you gather and organise all the necessary paperwork in order to save time applying.

Can I apply directly after my IRL grant?

In order to be an eligible candidate for a British citizenship application, you have to hold IRL residence for at least twelve months before the day of your citizen application. It is also imperative to be in the UK the day the Home Office receives your application.

If I have been outside of the UK for longer than required can I still apply?

While you should be careful not to exceed the required days you need to be physically present in the UK before applying for a British citizenship, in some cases, it lies at the discretion of the Home Office to accept or reject your application based on your specific circumstances.

Do I need to take the Life In The UK test again?

If you have passed the Life In The UK test as part of your IRL application, there is no need to re-sit for it, provided your application for citizenship occurs within a specific period of time after your IRL residence grant. In these cases, you can simply indicate that you have already passed the test successfully by indicating it in the right section of the application form.

To learn more about the UK citizenship application process, get in touch with Saracens Solicitors immigration solicitor in London.

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