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Child immigration cases

Immigration Solicitor in London

Child immigration cases are a sensitive and special area of the law that Saracens Solicitors can help with. When acting as an immigration solicitor in London, we take all the details of a case and look for ways to achieve an outcome that is in the best interests of the child.

If a child is living in the UK

If someone is already living in the UK and their child is not officially sanctioned to do so, it is best for them to talk to an immigration solicitor in London as soon as possible. The law changes depending on the age of the applicants so this is particularly important if the child is approaching the age of 18. It is generally easier to make a case for a minor.

Once a child is properly registered, this can make it easier for the parents to solidify their immigration status. Saracens Solicitors can help sort out the various threads and make sure that everything is done in the right order when acting as an immigration solicitor in London.

If a child is not living in the UK

The law may offer a child the right to enter and remain in the UK if one or both parents are already resident here. They must be under 18, and not leading an independent life, unmarried, and they must be maintained without recourse to public funds. Saracens Solicitors can help to make a case for child entry into the UK and deal with any subsequent appeals or requirements.

Unaccompanied minor

Unaccompanied minors are defined as those “who have been separated from both parents and other relatives and are not being cared for by an adult who, by law or custom, is responsible for doing so”.

The first solution sought in cases of unaccompanied minors is reunification with their family either in their country of origin or another country. This is usually considered to be in the best interests of the child unless their life or safety is in danger.

This is a complex area of law, which involves dealings in at least two, and possibly more, countries. Great care is required to ensure that a child is protected.

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