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How we can help you with legacy cases

Immigration Solicitor in London

Saracens Solicitors are highly experienced when it comes to immigration matters, including specialist areas like legacy cases. Engaging us as your immigration solicitor in London means taking advantage of this expertise.

We understand that immigration cases are stressful for you and your family. Until a case is settled, you can never be sure what will happen next. Also, part of your life is effectively in the hands of someone else and, sometimes, it seems like there is nothing you can do about it. If you think you have a legacy case then you have already been waiting at least ten years for a decision. We help you to find resolution so you can move forward when you choose us as you immigration solicitor in London.

What is a legacy case?

A legacy case is one where the applicant applied for asylum before 5th March, 2007 and has yet to hear a decision or be removed from the UK. The legacy scheme was created to clear the huge backlog of cases waiting for a decision. It is designed to fast track application to a final verdict. An immigration solicitor can help you make a strong case for indefinite leave to remain under the legacy scheme based on the nuances of your case.

Once we receive your result, we will either give you the good news or talk to you about why the decision may have gone against you. A refusal is not always final and there are a number of ways that you can appeal. Our team have experience with the appeals process and can let you know what your options are.

What happens next

First, we need to familiarise ourselves with your case. You provide detailed information of the process you have followed so far, including any correspondence, previous decisions and your home office number. We will correspond with the relevant departments on your behalf and get you a decision as quickly as possible. We can give you an approximate estimate of fees based on this information, although the final figure depends on the course your case takes.

When you choose Saracens Solicitors as your immigration solicitor in London, our mission is to get you a decision as soon as possible.

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