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Becoming a UK citizen – how Saracens Solicitors can help

Immigration Solicitor in London

When you decide to move to a new country, whether it’s forever or just for a while, you are embarking on an adventure that will change you forever. But adventures in the modern world have boring bits that need to be got through so that the exciting bits can have more room. One of the boring bits is the bureaucracy of having the right visa that will let you into the UK and let you do what you need to do while you are here. Saracens Solicitors can help you with advice, guidance and support from an immigration solicitor in London.

Having the help of an immigration solicitor in London from our leading West End law firm will reduce the amount of effort and time involved, leaving you free to have your adventures.

Tailored advice

We can help you choose the right type of visa to apply for. This depends on various factors, such as your circumstances, what you want to do in the UK, how much money you have, your qualifications, and so on. You have to have the right number of points to have a successful application, and when you use an immigration solicitor in London, you can take advantage of their in-depth knowledge of the system to help you to discover more positive factors in your life that count towards your visa application.

You will need to gather supporting evidence for your application, and then we can help you submit it, making sure that you have correctly filled in the more complex sections of the forms, and checking your details are accurate. We can help with every type of visa application, with regard to supplying the right documentation and information.

These include visas for: asylum seekers, domestic workers, entrepreneurs, investors, families, people needing multi-entry visas, sponsored skilled workers, spouses and civil partners, and students, as well as people applying under the points based system (PBS), and tier 4 (General) of PBS – students, unmarried partner entry clearance and visiting the UK.

We can also help if your visa gets denied, offering advice on whether you have grounds for an appeal.

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