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What is Resolution?

Divorce Solicitor in London

Saracens Solicitors is a west-end city law firm offering services in a number of legal areas. We pride ourselves on our levels of expertise. If you are looking for a divorce solicitor in London, this is one of the services we provide.

We adhere to a best-practice code created by an organisation called Resolution. This is a coalition of 6,500 family lawyers who promote constructive, non-confrontational divorce with a particular emphasis on caring for children during the process.

Why are we members?

We know that divorce can be hard in many different ways but, we believe that it does not need to be destructive to you or your family. There are other ways to achieve separation than, metaphorically speaking, burning down the house.

Resolution supports this ethos and offers continuous education, development and support to its members. They also train mediators to help bring about peaceful solutions in difficult circumstances.

Getting your divorce with us

As there is usually a lot of emotion involved when partnerships break up, choosing a divorce solicitor in London who can help you focus on the future and the practicalities can be highly beneficial.

Saracens Solicitors will listen to your needs, without judgement, then provide you with honest and respectful advice. This helps to build your confidence in yourself to make the right decisions and focus on the future. We offer you options to reduce conflict, put any children you have first and get the best resolution.

Moving on

If your relationship has irrevocably broken down and you are seeking a divorce solicitor in London, you have probably already been through quite a lot of emotional turmoil. We can spend many years trying to fix relationships before finally admitting that separation is best.

In order to make a clean break, you need to let go of the past and face the future. This is made much easier if you have an efficient and neutral divorce process. It may be unrealistic to expect anyone who has just been through a break-up to remain neutral but, that’s where we come in. We act on your behalf and ensure that your future is assured without inflaming the situation any further.

We offer this service to families with the support of organisations like Resolution so you can benefit from the collective experience of our firm and that of thousands of others working towards the same goal.

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