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Are there other ways a divorce solicitor can assist me besides ending a marriage?

Divorce Solicitor in London

A divorce solicitor in London is available to support you in a great number of different family law scenarios which don’t always need to end in divorce. We look at alternative routes if they are an option for you in order to give you and your partner time to seriously consider the possibility of ending the relationship permanently.

Divorce should always be the final resort and we encourage mediation prior to this decision, as well as time apart so that both sides of the party can reflect on their differences to see whether they are able to make the situation work.

One of the few times in which we encourage separation between partners is when either one is showing signs of domestic violence. This should in no way be tolerated and neither husband nor wife should never feel afraid for the safety of themselves, or their children.

We are able to assist in these matters as well, should you seek legal advice and support during a domestic violence case. We are always available to provide you with information and advice regarding your situation so that you can feel empowered with knowledge about your rights in the eyes of the law.

Many of our clients have sought us out prior to starting any process in order to understand the full implications of their actions and what their rights were with respect to current law. Mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and fiances all alike have approached us with questions regarding what their status might be and what steps they could take to improve it.

Our advice has worked around writing out prenuptial agreements in order to safeguard assets before marriage, which we recommend to every couple intending to get married, not just high asset cases. Also by informing fathers of their rights in relation to their children should they choose mutual separation from the mother on amicable terms, as opposed to disagreeable terms.

We have provided support for women who have been fearful about their safety because of their partner and got them the documentation that they needed, so that they could have further support from the police, as police are sometimes unable to help unless the situation is dire.

We invite you to come and see a divorce solicitor in London about any of your questions and queries regarding family law. Our compassionate, dedicated and experienced team members can offer you a personalised and bespoke service plan that is focused on your needs, and treats you with the respect that you deserve.

We are interested in each and every individual case that we serve and we take the time to ensure that we are doing our utmost to represent you correctly and wholeheartedly. We take the time to listen to your personal situation and make sure that we use all of the information that you provide us with to your advantage. We stand out above the rest by working with you, not just for you.

What if we are not sure about divorce

It is a good idea not to jump into divorce if a marriage is going through a sticky spot. Marriage is never promised to be easy and with life’s ups and downs, marriage can certainly hit some rocky places every now and then.

Legal or judicial separation could very well be the right alternative for you rather than going through divorce proceedings. It is a legal process that goes through the courts and declares a couple to be legally separated, but does not dissolve the marriage.

There are a few reasons why you would choose to legally separate rather than divorce, such as being able to separate within a year of marriage, whereas you must wait a year before you can dissolve a marriage. This can also work in favour of people who need financial support due to the breakdown of the relationship, but have been married for less than a year.

Many of our clients choose to separate legally rather than divorce because of religious reasons. They may also simply want some time and space to consider what alternatives they have to being married and can decide after a set amount of time whether they should continue to dissolve the marriage or not. Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say, and given time, some people begin to realise they may have been hasty about their decision to part.

It sounds the same as a divorce, what is the difference?

There are several significant legal differences between a judicial separation and a divorce. Divorce requires the marriage to have lasted for a year before proceedings can commence, whereas a separation does not. There is also no need to prove to the court that the marriage has broken down without a chance for reconciliation.

It does not dissolve the marriage so does not have the same effect legally on pensions and some other finances, as the people involved are still technically married. When a couple decides to legally separate by means of a judicial separation, there are a number of implications that will take effect.

These include giving the parties no obligation to have to live together anymore. The courts can therefore make an order to divide the matrimonial property should that be necessary. Should one of you die after being legally separated then the surviving spouse will not automatically benefit from the estate as they normally do as a married couple, unless a valid will has been made that is specifically stating that they do.

By speaking to one of us today about legally separating, we are able to explain these conditions to you in a way that you can understand for your own personal situation. It can be confusing and daunting understanding what the legal implications of an action may be, but with our support as divorce solicitors in London we can guide you through every step of the way.

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