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Types of divorce – defended and undefended

Types of Divorce

It may be possible to predict, from the outset, roughly what your divorce will look like. In the best circumstances, both parties are able to agree and things can proceed fairly smoothly. Sometimes this is not the case and there are lots of issues to be dealt with. In either case, when acting as your divorce solicitor in London, Saracens Solicitors can help you get through your separation in stages until you reach the end of the process and can move forward with your life.

There are two routes that a divorce can take – defended or undefended. Both will eventually work through the same stages, but an undefended divorce is typically a much quicker process.

When a couple begins the divorce process, one party normally make a petition for divorce. Both parties can do this if they choose. This is where you decide what the grounds for divorce are and give the court all the details they need to look at your case. A fee is paid at this point. Saracens Solicitors can help you fill out the paperwork when acting as your divorce solicitor in London.

Once the divorce petition is submitted, notification is sent to the other party. They have a set time period within which to respond using the Acknowledgement of Service. This is where they state whether they intend to defend the divorce or not. If they agree to the information within the petition, they will not defend the divorce. This is why it is often best not to go into much personal detail on the petition. Sometimes the other party agrees with the general grounds for divorce but disputes some personal information in a statement and so there is unnecessary confusion about going ahead.

If, at this point, they decide to defend the divorce then Saracens Solicitors can help you decide what to do next.

Once all matters are settled, you can proceed with the next stage of the divorce process using Saracens Solicitors as your divorce solicitor in London.

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