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Divorce is challenging. For the separating spouses, dividing up assets, leaving or selling a shared home and saying goodbye to a relationship is emotionally demanding. If they also have children, that increases the level of emotional intensity. Even if the partners are on good terms and agree to part, one parent leaving the family home, or the family moving to a new place, is going to take its toll on the kids.

At Saracens Solicitors, we have 14 years’ experience of working with families going through divorce. Our compassionate family law team seeks to find a way through this process with minimum impact on the children. All our family lawyers follow the Resolution code of conduct, which aims to help families find a non-confrontational way through divorce and resolve difficulties by giving everyone involved a fair hearing.

Negotiating an arrangement

If you and your partner have an existing agreement between yourselves on access and taking care of your children that works for you both, then you can continue with this. There is no need to negotiate a new settlement or take it to court unless you want a legal document in place confirming the agreement.

If you aren’t in agreement over custody, then as your divorce solicitor in London, we can help you to come to a fair settlement. This includes residency and the amount of access each of you have to your kids.

There are 3 factors to take into account: access, parental responsibility and custody.

Taking it to court

As far as access goes, each parent has a legal right to see their children. We can apply for a legally binding court order that clearly states each parent’s visitation rights.

Married parents share a legal responsibility and right to be in their child’s life. If the parents aren’t married, the father may need a court agreement to assert this right. Our divorce solicitor in London can arrange this for you.

If you can’t agree with your ex-partner over custody, the court will issue a child arrangements order for residence.

Our divorce solicitor in London is expert in these types of negotiations and can argue for a fair and just level of access to your child if you are in dispute with your ex-spouse.

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