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Divorce Solicitor in London

As a divorce solicitor in London with 13 years’ experience, we know how much the process can affect the children. The hundreds of cases our family law team has handled during that time has given them a unique insight into the needs and sensitivities of children experiencing divorce.

At Saracens Solicitors, our divorce solicitor in London takes a compassionate and holistic approach to the process. We completely understand the emotional impact on all family members and do whatever we can to find a constructive way through that takes into account everyone involved. While we use our technical knowledge to work out the practical and financial aspects, we use our mediation skills to find a non-confrontational solution to questions of access, custody and visitation rights.

If there is already an agreement in place with your partner as regards your children, and it works for you all, this can continue as the divorce happens.

If you are in dispute with your partner about access, we can negotiate on your behalf, as part of our work as your divorce solicitor in London.

There are a number of rights and responsibilities involved in taking care of children.


Both parents have a right to be in contact with their children, and kids also have a right to see both their parents. If necessary, we go through the courts to secure your visitation rights and make clear the rights of your ex-spouse.


Married parents have the same right to be in their child’s life and make decisions about their future. If you haven’t been married to your child’s mother and you are in dispute with her about your child, we can ask the court to sanction an agreement, guaranteeing your rights.


Many custody arrangements are now agreed out of court. If it isn’t possible to come to an agreement with your ex-partner in person or through mediation, you will both need to abide by a court-issued residency order. The court considers what it feels will be best for the children when issuing this.

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