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Divorce Solicitor in London

When you engage Saracens Solicitors as your divorce solicitor in London, our team commit to supporting you throughout the process. We know that separation can be difficult and there are lots of emotions involved. We help you find a way through with as little conflict or difficulty as possible.

In order to help facilitate this, Saracens Solicitors are members of the national organisation Resolution – a coalition of legal professionals who help their clients find constructive ways to deal with the divorce processes.

What does membership of Resolution mean?

Being members of Resolution means that we are committed to the following when acting as a divorce solicitor in London:

  • Managing any situations where there is already inherent conflict. We do our best to reduce this, where possible;
  • Putting the interests of any children first at all times;
  • A respectful, non-judgemental attitude to everyone including clients and third parties;
  • Helping clients to see the long-term consequences and look past the emotions of the moment to find practical solutions to issues;
  • Taking an honest and objective view at all times while acting with integrity;
  • Continuous professional development to increase our skill set and continue to give clients the benefit of excellent advice.

At Saracens Solicitors, we frequently see the results of a conflict-free approach to divorce at our practice. It allows people to move through the process without taking on any more emotional baggage or painful memories.

Looking forward

When you are in the thick of a separation and divorce process, it may seem like a long road to get to the other side. Things will get better and you will be able to move on if you take advantage of all the resources that are available.

Saracens Solicitors help you with this process by ensuring that the legal and administrative aspects of the separation go smoothly when we are acting as your divorce solicitor in London.

Even when the situation is complex, we do our best to find the swiftest path to completion either through mediation or court proceedings. Resolution have lots of articles and resources on their website to help address the emotional aspects of divorce as well as providing you with independent advice in other areas.

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