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The process of divorce explained

Divorce Solicitor in London

If you are looking at getting divorced, you have probably already been through quite a lot. Making the decision is difficult enough and now you have to go through the administrative process of divorce. At Saracens Solicitors, we are on hand to ensure you get the outcome you want when you engage us as your divorce solicitor in London.

Divorce can be a relatively simple process or quite complex. When we are acting as your divorce solicitor in London, we can break down the relevant processes for you and explain any legal jargon so you can make an informed choice.

Filing for divorce

If you can, contact us before you file for divorce. The filing document is the central legal document for your divorce and what you put on it can become significant at a later date. We can advise you on the contents so that they are assistive to any later proceedings.

In order to make an application for divorce, you need to include your name and address and your spouse’s name and address. If you don’t know where they are then you can state this. It affects the whole process if the other party cannot be contacted but we can advise you on this when acting as your divorce solicitor in London. You also need the original marriage certificate. If you do not have this then you can get a certified original copy from a registry office, which is also acceptable.

You need to decide on your grounds for divorce. There are several different categories that we can discuss with you. The simplest is that you have lived apart from your spouse for more than two years and they agree to the divorce. You can go ahead without their agreement if you have lived apart for more than five years.

Starting divorce proceedings entails a £550 fee payable to the court. We can discuss our fees for acting as your divorce solicitor in London during your first consultation with us. Although it is not always possible to know exactly what costs will be incurred, Saracens Solicitors is committed to a transparent fee structure so you have some idea of what you will need to pay at each stage.

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