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Petitioning for divorce and the D8

Divorce Solicitor in London

There’s a reason why TV lawyers always seem to have big piles of folders tied with pink ribbons when they go into court. They contain all the paperwork that goes with a case. At Saracens Solicitors, we know as a divorce solicitor in London, we won’t have any less paperwork. In between all the correspondence and inventories of assets that need to be divided, information of finances of both parties, and information for deciding what’s going to happen to the children, there are some pieces of paper that create the basis of the divorce process itself.

Get these wrong and it can hold up the divorce process, which is why nearly everyone engages a divorce solicitor in London to help smooth the way. Let’s take a look the form that gets the balling rolling, the D8:

Who’s who in the divorce?

This is the form that the spouse who is petitioning for a divorce needs to submit to start divorce proceedings. The information required includes the petitioner name and other details, as well as those of their partner. Petitioners citing adultery as the grounds for divorce, may also need to put down the details of the person they allege their spouse was adulterous with. That person will also be sent a copy of the divorce petition.

There is government advice to make filling in a D8 easier, and a solicitor can often help clarify things, especially around which ground to use for the divorce petition. The D8 needs to be submitted to a divorce centre, either by post or online. When you consider that the fee is £550, you can see how important it is to get it right.

It’s a good idea also to use us as your divorce solicitor in London at this stage so that we can tell you if we foresee any complications, especially if children and assets are involved.

The court sends a copy of the D8 to the respondent (spouse), who sends back an Acknowledgement of Service. It’s nice if the news of the divorce doesn’t come out of the blue. Your spouse can choose to file their own D8 if they feel they have different grounds for divorce.

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