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Parental rights after a divorce

Divorce Solicitor in London

A separation can be an overwhelming experience for all parties involved, especially children. Parents should work closely to ensure that their children’s needs are adequately met and if this is not possible due to disputes or another conflict, then a court will rule what is beneficial for the child’s welfare.

Saracens Solicitors divorce solicitor in London will provide you with answers to any questions you may have about parental rights following your divorce. Our experienced and well-trained solicitors are members of Resolution, a legal organisation in the UK that promotes a constructive and caring approach to family matters. More specifically, we offer our clients a childrens package helping to resolve various parenting aspects such as contact, care, residency and child maintenance after a divorce.

Child Arrangement Order

Formerly known as Child Contact and Residence Orders, the Child Arrangement Order is set to clear some conditions that may be difficult to agree when two people separate and children are involved. More specifically, the Child Arrangement Order:

  • Determines which parent the child or children should live with;
  • Determines the amount and quality of time children will spend with the parent they are not living with;
  • Regulates changes related to the children’s welfare, religious and medical treatment issues.

According to the Child Arrangement Order, both parents have parental responsibilities no matter who the children are living with. However, their involvement may be different. As with any aspect of family law, when setting out the specifics of a Child Arrangement Order, a court will take into consideration only what is best for a child or children.

Applying for a Child Arrangement Order

Most children end up staying with their mothers after a divorce, yet in many cases, both parents have joint parental responsibility. This does not necessarily mean that a child will spend an equal amount of time with both parents.

Saracens Solicitors divorce solicitor in London can help you apply for a Child Arrangement Order, if you have parental responsibility for a child (or children) who does not live with you and you wish to set out in detail how your child’s time is to be divided among other things.

For more information and quotes, contact Saracens Solicitors divorce solicitor in London today.

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