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Divorce Solicitor in London

Saracens Solicitors are an experienced divorce solicitor in London. We are based in the West End of the city which makes us easy to reach, even if you are coming from outside the area. We believe that you should choose your legal representation based on skills and trust rather than geography.

A great divorce solicitor in London can offer you more than legal expertise. We have a team of excellent communicators who understand how to work with people towards peaceful resolutions, often in fraught circumstances. We ensure that you feel comfortable enough with our people to share everything you need to and get the results you want.

Our commitment

At Saracens Solicitors, we commit to working in partnership with you throughout processes like divorce. Seeing a solicitor can often seem intimidating if you are not used to accessing legal services. We can put you at your ease and guide you through the divorce process with clear language and instructions. You are welcome to ask questions whenever you need further clarification.

What you need to do

Full disclosure is the key to an efficient and productive divorce procedure. When we act as your divorce solicitors in London, we need to know the circumstances of your split. We know that this can be a complex and emotional subject. We help you tease out the straightforward details that can affect the course of your case.

Difficult circumstances

All divorces are unique. Most are difficult in some way. Occasionally, Saracens Solicitors deal with separations that involve extreme circumstances such as domestic violence or child protection issues. If this applies to you then please get in touch as soon as possible. We can help you to put safeguards in place and guide you to organisations that can help. We are sensitive to the exceptional circumstances in cases like these and can help you meet priorities like shelter and care for you and your children.

Even when things seem overwhelming, we can assure you that there are steps you can take to slowly start resolving the issues you are facing. We have seen people get through very difficult times and go on to build new and better lives for themselves.

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