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Looking after the best interests of your children

Divorce Solicitor in London

When you’re going through a divorce, making sure your children’s needs are met, will be one of the concerns you have. Making agreements with your ex-partner sometimes works, but it’s often advisable to seek sound legal counsel that can steer the way and ensure all agreements are actioned. By seeking a divorce solicitor in London, you can ensure your child’s best interests are at the heart of your settlement.

Saracens Solicitors are committed to following codes of practice that are rooted in a non-confrontational approach to settlements. This type of approach is incredibly important when resolving issues around child parental responsibility, contact and access issues and residence and custody issues.

Parental responsibility

As a married parent, you will have enjoyed parental responsibility of your child. It means you have the right to make decisions that will guide them in life and support their choices. As a mother, this right continues once you divorce; however, as a father you no longer have this right automatically. As your divorce solicitor in London, we can ensure that there is an agreement in place for your ex-partner, creating definition and allowing parental rights to continue after the divorce.

Contact and access issues

When it comes to our children, ideally, we’d all like to be able to be friends with our ex-partners, sharing custody and making sure that our children remain relatively unaffected by the reality of the end of marriage. However, our ideals, especially under stress, often come unstuck. Employing a divorce solicitor in London to facilitate agreements that are then sanctioned by the court ensures that the child’s best interest remains in focus. Whether your divorce is amicable or there are restricted access issues involved, we can support you and ensure all your options are given to you without bias.

Residence and custody issues

Saracens Solicitors family law experts work to ensure the best interests of the child are taken into account, and that the rights of each parent are taken into consideration. Choosing whom your child will live with can be difficult. By seeking advice from divorce layers in London, you can ensure your concerns are listened to and you know what you can expect, taking the confusion out of decision-making.

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