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Living arrangements after divorce – what are your options?

Divorce Solicitor in London

One of the major issues that needs to be addressed during a marital split is where both parties and any children will live. There are a number of possible options which Saracens Solicitors can discuss with you when we act as your divorce solicitor in London.

Each divorce is unique. You can tailor some of these options to fit your circumstances and transition from one option to another over time.

Selling your home

The simplest option for both parties may be to sell the marital home, split the proceeds and move on. Most of the time, it’s not that simple. It depends on who has invested what into the home in terms of support as well as money. The level of compensation that each party is likely to receive is something we can help you negotiate when we act as your divorce solicitor in London.

One partner moving out

In many cases, one partner moves out and the other person takes on responsibility for the property. This might be a good option for stability if there are children involved. However, both parties remain legally liable for mortgage payments on the property as well as their new living expenses. The remaining partner will need to be financially assessed by a mortgage company to see if they can take on any remaining debt in their own name.

Living together

Increasingly, couples are choosing to live together after divorce because they cannot afford separate properties. This can obviously be stressful and emotionally difficult. It can also affect your qualification for certain grounds for divorce. Saracens Solicitors can discuss the implications with you when we act as your divorce solicitor in London.

Nesting arrangement

A relatively new, but increasingly popular arrangement for couples with children is known as nesting. This is where the couple purchases or rents a small dwelling together in addition to the family home. They take it in turns to live at their family home and take care of the children.

Nesting creates consistency for the family without the pitfalls of the divorcees living together fulltime. It requires careful negotiation of boundaries but, if done right, can be a successful long-term arrangement.

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