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Divorce Solicitor in London

Divorce can be complex. Depending on the life situation of the spouses, it may include childcare arrangements, division of assets and financial settlement agreements that consider the input of both partners into the marriage and inherited wealth.

There is no requirement in law to employ the services of a divorce solicitor in London or anywhere else in the UK. If you so choose, you can apply to the court yourself. However, when a marriage breaks up, there is so much to sort out. Even for couples who have no children or don’t own a house together, there’s still belongings to sort and finding a new place to live for at least one partner. It’s an emotionally and physically demanding time. As a divorce solicitor in London with more than a decade’s worth of experience, here at Saracens Solicitors we’ve seen hundreds of couples go through divorce and we know what a testing time it can be.

And if you do have significant assets to protect or if you are in any kind of dispute with your spouse, hiring a professional is going to take the burden off you at this crucial time. Why put yourself under extra pressure? Even if you are on a low income, as your divorce solicitor in London we can advise on how you can apply to the court for a reduction in fees. Plus, the time and energy we save you is priceless.

Not just paperwork

Although we are efficient and professional in how we deal with the divorce petition, we know that marriage break up isn’t just about dissolving a legal contract. Our compassionate divorce solicitor in London can help you find agreement with your spouse over areas of dispute.

We are members of Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers, and abide by their code of practice. This takes a non-confrontational approach to matters of family law. It includes encouraging couples and family members to seek mediation and act in the best interests of the children affected by divorce. The views of all parties are given space and the aim is to find a resolution that everyone can agree is the best way forward.

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